Vertex in Synastry

The Vertex in synastry is considered a point of karmic connection, and it’s mostly used to discover a predestined relationship.

Our natal Vertex is activated when we meet a very special person with who we share a strong connection. When one individual’s personal planet conjuncts or opposes someone else’s Vertex in their natal chart, it means that these two people share a romantic connection that is not obvious at first sight. They meet each other unexpectedly and don’t fall in love instantly, or there’s not an instant sense of recognition right away.

But when they fall in love, it’s incredibly strong, like an epiphany that they weren’t expecting.

They can meet each other when one person’s Vertex/Anti Vertex is contacted by a transiting planet. Also, strong Vertex/Anti-Vertex connections in a Solar Return Chart might indicate the year in which they will meet.

The Vertex reveals what kind of people we are unconsciously attracted to. In a synastry chart, the Vertex owner senses that the other person is “the one” of their dreams. It describes those significant relationships that will mark a crossroads in our lives.

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Synastry Aspects for Soulmates – Vertex and Anti Vertex Conjunct

Synastry Aspects for Soulmates have wonderful implications. This is a powerful one. Vertex aspects in synastry typically represent a predetermined romantic event. The opposite point is the anti Vertex, which will always fall into the exact opposite house and sign.

When these two individuals are together, they feel like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle falling into place. These one-of-a-lifetime encounters can mean a turning point in their lives, where these interactions could shift the course of action of the two persons involved.

It is important to remark that when romantic partners have conjunctions between their Vertex and personal planets, it doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship will be harmonic or last forever. That is not always the case. However, it does suggest a compelling connection.

Once Vertex lessons are learned, the planet person involved often disappears from the vertex persons’ life quite as suddenly as they arrived – the primary purpose of the encounter is to introduce a significant life change.

Below we will explore the meaning of the different conjunctions and oppositions to the Vertex.


The Moon person brings comfort to the Vertex person, who will feel instantly safe by their side. There’s an intuitive connection between these two individuals who are inexplicably drawn to each other. The common theme in this relationship is their domestic and nurturing connection. There might be lessons regarding their respective families, living together, or starting a family of their own.

During a Moon conjunct Vertex, the person will be asked to be more nurturing, caring, and gentle to their partner or overall relationships. In addition, lessons and events involving their family and home will be activated, as well as life-changing encounters with their mother or other women in their family.

Example: Vertex in 6th conjunct the moon may bring lessons regarding a coworker that brings out caring and nurturing traits. How is your emotional well-being and sense of security acknowledged in this work interaction? How do you care for yourself in your daily work routine? How does your work life affect the way you feel?


Mercury transits to the Vertex are exciting connections in synastry as the Mercury person stimulates the Vertex person’s mind and way of speaking, which means they can both engage in long and wonderful conversations that will leave each other thinking about them long after they are over.

Mercury conjunct other person’s Vertex may attract someone with great ideas on starting a business or making a thousand dollars. The Mercury person may leave unexpectedly as they arrived, simply leaving a new idea or refreshing message before taking off again. This message will be essential for the Vertex person’s further karmic growth.

This vertex connection can make the native learn new skills and insights that will aid their spiritual development. The Mercury person will inspire the Vertex one to update their knowledge and opinions on specific subjects.

Events and circumstances regarding the use of technology or short trips may arise during this time. The person’s lesson is about communication, ideas, short-distance excursions, and their relationship with family members.

Example: Mercury conjunct the Anti-Vertex in the 9th house (opposite the Vertex) may bring someone who will give you ideas on expanding your knowledge or traveling to a distant country. They may encourage you to learn a new language or finish your college studies. How do your beliefs affect the way you think? How can you communicate your life philosophy to others?


The Sun person enlights and develops the area where the Vertex person’s Sun is located, acting as a protective and prominent figure. The Vertex person admires the way the Sun person expresses their identity, which they find inspiring. The Sun person has a vital and magnetic kind of energy that makes them remain close together.

There seem to be a strong feeling and attraction between these two individuals, but not necessarily romantic. The lessons in a Sun conjunct Vertex connection are about self-identification, self-value, and self-esteem.

Example: Sun transit Vertex in the 10th house may bring lessons around how your self-worth and ego get involved in your professional life. How does your career path affect your self-esteem? Does your relationship with authority affect your ego and self-expression?


The vertex conjunction to someone’s natal Venus reveals not just simple romantic connections but fated/karmic relationships. The instant attraction that the Venus person and the Vertex person experience is highly powerful and overwhelming. The vertex person will find the Venus person beautiful, even though they might not be their usual type. They want to be close to each other no matter what. The Venus person makes the Vertex one feel appreciated and valued, igniting an instant friendship between them.

This relationship will change how the Vertex person interacts with others, how they perceive their other relationships, their definition of what they find beautiful and attractive, and their sense of self-love and self-worth.

These individuals will learn about affection, love, friendship, and enjoyment that will help the native with their inner and spiritual growth. The person may also receive a gift that will make a significant impact in their future.

Example: Venus Conjunct Vertex in 11th house may bring unexpected encounters with someone of your community or circle of friends. You may be introduced to an organization that fights for a humanitarian and worthy cause and discover you like it so much you plan on joining permanently. You may fall in love with a rebel person who participates in this organization as well.


Here, the Vertex person can find an instant physical attraction and powerful connection to the Mars person. This can turn out to be a surprise, as the Vertex person might never think they could feel this way towards such an individual. However, this intense attachment might not always be harmonic since Mars is the god of war, and some conflicting circumstances might arise.

The lessons manifested by this relationship revolve around action, conflict, aggression, desire, and sex.

On a more positive tone, a Mars/Vertex transit could bring a sudden action that the native could bravely take to advance toward their spiritual journey.

Example: Mars Conjunct Vertex in the 3rd house may indicate a conflict with a sibling or neighbor that makes you compete with each other over something. Other possibilities include taking the initiative in a sibling-related issue that you didn’t expect to. The native may also meet someone during a short-distance trip to which you feel sexually attracted, which makes a sudden change in your life.

How does your sexuality influence your communication and social interactions? How does your sex life affect your thinking process?


This connection symbolizes a benevolent relationship since Jupiter is the planet of generosity, expansion, and faith. These two individuals find meaning in their struggles when they spend time together and feel like they can explore their adventurous and wild side. 

The Jupiter person will help the Vertex person find a better career path and achieve their passionate dreams.

The lessons these individuals must learn during these transit are about the meaning of life, personal growth, beliefs, and purpose.

Example:  Jupiter transit Vertex in the 2nd house may bring lessons about how your sense of expansion and beliefs revolve around your self-worth and finances. How do your beliefs regarding money and abundance affect your finances? 


The Saturn person will help the Vertex person stabilize their life and commit to their career choices. The Saturn person will play a father figure to the Vertex person, offering sound advice and wise guidance. Saturn is structured and severe, so the lessons learned during this transit will make each other grow up and change their life’s perspective.

Example:  Saturn Conjunct Vertex in the 7th house may bring a sudden work partnership or romantic relationship with an older and more experienced person. Although this person won’t be open or nurturing, they will offer valuable lessons about commitment in a long-term relationship. 


When someone’s Vertex conjuncts another person’s Ascendant is an indicator of a very intense attraction. These could be an indication of a lifelong and intense attachment between these two individuals.


A descendant/Vertex conjunction indicates that these two individuals are inexplicably drawn to one another. There’s a sense of fatedness that permeates their relationship. This is an excellent indicator of a very significant relationship, which will change both person’s concepts of love forever.

Node- Vertex/Anti-Vertex

This aspect is one of the prime indicators of twin flames and marriage in synastry. The Vertex person has a tremendous effect on the Node person’s character, helping them develop the qualities they need to evolve in their life. These two individuals have a past life connection and were meant to meet and learn many things from each other.

They probably recognize each other instantly since the South Node is making an aspect to the other person’s Vertex or Anti-Vertex. These two souls have already met before and probably have unfinished business to deal with. The attraction is intense and will transform both of them forever.

Example: If someone’s North Node is conjunct another person’s Vertex in the 9th house, their relationship will be expansive and broaden the knowledge, reality, and beliefs of the people involved. The Vertex person will help the North Node’s person find sense and meaning to their struggle and encourage them to develop a more positive outlook.

Where is the Vertex in astrology?

Unlike many other concepts in Astrology, the Vertex isn’t based on a celestial body but instead an intersection point of two hypothetical circles in the galaxy: the ecliptic, which traces the path of the Sun, and the prime vertical, which distributes the sky into front and back. It’s the point located in the right-hand or western hemisphere of a person’s chart.

What is a vertex conjunct?

When a person’s personal planet conjuncts another person’s Vertex in a synastry chart, it means these two individuals share a powerful connection, and they will learn valuable lessons within this relationship that will help them evolve and contact their spiritual selves.

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